Australia’s consumption of electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing at a healthy rate, with combined sales of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles approximately doubling over the last two years.

Electric vehicles: Top 6 reasons to buy an EV

Australians thinking of buying an EV are inundated with information and opinion as cars have become more popular and widely available in Australia.

With more EV models set to enter showrooms this year and more Australian buyers begin seriously considering them alongside internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, we present the top six reasons why you should make an EV your next car.

1. Lower running costs

However, given EVs have drastically lower running costs – due to their easy maintenance schedule and cheaper refueling – owners can anticipate this initial excess to be equaled and even surpassed over the vehicle’s lifetime.

On average, EV owners save from $810 to $1400 each year, providing savings of up to $7000 in just a five-year ownership period.

 In the long term, EV owners can expect to save on running costs compared to ICE owners.

Planning on doing a lot of driving? These savings could be even greater, with the average electric car costing just $4 to power per 100kms travelled, versus ICE vehicles which average $14/100km in fuel costs.

At 20,000km driven each year, this is a saving of approximately $2000, meaning EV owners could be saving $10,000 on fuel alone in just five years.