EV Charger Installation in Sydney

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Sydney EV Chargers is your first choice for professional Electric Vehicle Charger Installations. We are your number one choice for EV Charger installations in Sydney and excited to help households and businesses alike in contributing to a greener future.

We are passionate about the services we offer and pride ourselves on our efficiency and affordable solutions. With years of experience in the industry, Sydney EV Chargers is dedicated to providing excellent service and customer satisfaction.

EV Charger Installations in Sydney

Why get an EV Charger installed at your home or office?

EV Charger Installations in Sydney

It will charge your vehicle up to 10x faster than a plug in powerpoint charger

EV Charger Installations in Sydney

We have chargers to suit all EVs

EV Charger Installations in Sydney

Programmable chargers to schedule when you charge

EV Charger Installations in Sydney

Safer installation with electric shock protection


Electric vehicles will have the same range as traditional cars by 2024, new research has predicted, a forecast that would help dramatically increase sales of zero-emission vehicles.

According to research EVs will represent 48% of all new cars sold globally in 2030 – That’s significantly up from the 7% of 2021

Why Choose Sydney EV Chargers For Your Installation?

EV Charger Installations in Sydney

Sydney EV Chargers is the reliable choice for your commercial EV charging needs. We offer a range of services and benefits that make us the ideal choice for your commercial EV charging needs.

Supplying Chargers Of The Worlds Leading Brands

Sydney EV Chargers provide reliable and durable EV charging solutions that are designed to withstand daily use. We supply and install the highest-quality chargers across all the major EV manufacturers, such as Tesla, Polestar, Kia and more.

Utmost Affordability & Cost-Effective Pricing:

Sydney EV Chargers understands that cost is an important factor for many customers. That’s why they offer competitive pricing and cost-friendly solutions. They believe that everyone should have access to affordable EV charger installations without compromising on quality.

Seamless Installation and Setup:

With our expert technicians, the installation of your new EV charger becomes effortless. Our installation process is uncomplicated and direct, guaranteeing a quick and easy setup for your new charger.

Highly Experienced & Expert Technicians:

At Sydney EV Chargers, we have a team of skilled and well-trained technicians who are ready to offer support and guidance whenever necessary. Our technicians possess expertise and experience in the installation and upkeep of EV chargers, guaranteeing the proper and secure functioning of your charger.

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EV Charger Installations in Sydney

Our Top Commercial & Residential EV Charging Solutions


Want to say goodbye to fluctuating petrol prices and the guilt of fossil fuel usage? Sydney EV Chargers offer electric car charger installation with fast and friendly service. Whether you need EV charger installations for Tesla or other EV, our charger installation leaves Sydney residents satisfied.

Sydney EV Chargers offer a range of chargers designed to fit all kinds of EVs, and can install charging stations at your home or office to streamline your charging needs.

Residential EV Charger Installation For a Faster, More Convenient Charge

What are the benefits of residential EV charger installation?

When compared to charging from the standard power point chargers, our EV charging systems offer a 5 times faster charge. This means even if you have a late night on the town and an early day at work the next morning, your car will be charged and ready in no time.

Our EV chargers are also designed to handle the larger, more consistent power draw associated with car charging, which means virtually no risk of overheating, electric shocks or other nasty side effects.

Commercial EV Charger Installation Brings More Customers

Sydney EV Chargers provide a variety of commercial EV charger options, with installation included in the cost. We have power boxes for charger cables to plug into, meaning you can accommodate any electric vehicle owner, regardless of the model they drive.

According to the latest research, electric cars will make up 48% of all new cars sold globally in 2030. So by installing an electric vehicle charging station, you’ll be futureproofing your business.

To organise a 1-on-1 conversation to discuss your options, or to schedule an appointment for installation, contact Sydney EV Chargers today.

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